Hankuk Paper, which is leading the paper culture in the 21st century, is constantly pursuing R & D to pursue only the best quality products that meet the needs of customers and to supply better products.

Printing & Writing Paper

Rough gloss paper

Processed specialty paper is a coated paper assigned with special functions other than the general characteristics of papers during the manufacturing process. Hankuk Paper’s processed specialty paper uses the latest equipment to automatically control the grammage, high bulk, ash content, moisture and others in the twin wire paper machining. With the coated base paper produced and the outstanding coating technology, high quality processed specialty paper assigned with functionalities per purpose is being produced.


Specialty Paper

Transfer base paper

As a paper for indirect printing for mediums in which direct printing is impossible (pottery, helmet, toy etc.), it involves water transfer printing and thermal transfer printing depending on the transfer method. Hankuk Paper’s transfer base paper consists of various product types in both water transfer and thermal transfer base paper, making it possible to be used adequately according to the respective purpose and with high concentration of transfer object, it prides in outstanding transfer quality.