MFC is an unprecedented product that is pigment coated on the surface using a Metering Size Press on a paper machine. It has superior printability and opacity than paper. Korea Paper has been leading the domestic market in 1999 by developing the M series, the first known on-line in Korea.

M-matte premium (Natural)


M-matte premium elevates vivid color expression as well as gloss after printing due to its uniform and smooth surface quality resulting in even ink coloration, ultimately enhancing the dignity of printing. Furthermore, its silky texture offers a good feeling when turning the pages.


Studying material, sub textbook, publication, book, children’s cartoon collection, children’s folk tale, monthly publication, company newsletter etc.

  • 70g/㎡
  • 80g/㎡
  • 90g/㎡
  • 100g/㎡
M-matte premium (N) 이미지