Position system

Hankuk Paper highly regards the competence and value of its members and operates a rational position system to guarantee reasonable treatment and compensation according to the competence of outstanding employees.

Evaluation system

Hankuk Paper operates fair and just evaluation system to instill motivation and growth opportunities for executives and employees.

  • Achievement evaluation

    Fulfilling achievements
    established per individual and performance evaluation

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  • Competence evaluation

    Overall evaluation with
    regards to value competence/
    class competence/duty competence and others

Wage system

Hankuk Paper conducts objective and fair wage system based on reasonable competence following the competence and performance of its members in principle and dual wage system considering the characteristics of duties is in operation.

  • Annual salary system

    Individual annual salary system reflecting individual achievement and competence implemented

  • Salary step system

    Salary step system based on the salary step of position following continuous service years

Dual wage system following the characteristics of individual duties

Welfare benefits

Hankuk Paper operates various programs with the objective of enhancing the member’s quality of life.

  • 교육지원 이미지

    Education support

    • Support for children’s school expenses(Kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school, university)
    • Support for education cost on foreign language for executives and employees
  • 의료지원 이미지

    Medical support

    • Support for medical costs for executives, employees and spouses
  • 문화지원 이미지

    Culture support

    • Summer vacation and payment of vacation bonus
    • Operation of rest area inside company
    • Support for club activities and family occasions
    • Support for transportation cost and lunch (Those working in Seoul office)
  • 교육지원 이미지


    • Annual leaves and payment of allowance for remaining annual leaves
    • Allowance for returning home during New Year’s Day/Chuseok
    • Reward for long service employees
    • Operation of company housing (Onsan plant)
    • Anniversary holiday, support for cultural life, congratulatory allowance for graduation