Hankuk Paper’s environmental management
activities to fulfill public interest beyond individual gains of a corporate

Hankuk Paper was the first in the domestic papermaking industry to voluntarily enter into an agreement for saving energy and preventing
environment pollution and is actively engaged in environmental management activities through water quality management system,
afforestation business conducted consistently for 50 years and employees’ efforts to protect the environment.

Reducing of Greenhouse Gas

When manufacturing paper, a large amount of
steam is used to remove the moisture on the paper.

The steam needed for this process is produced using heavy oil that is fossil fuel and when the fossil fuel is burned, it generates greenhouse gases such as CO (Carbon Dioxide). With continuous researches and efforts reduce the Greenhouse Gas emissions, Hankuk Paper was able to recycle the excess steam (Waste Steam) from other nearby companies in Onsan Factory and avoid using Boilers. We have fulfilled our dream of being the first ‘Chimneyless paper factory’ in Korea. 

온실가스 감축 이미지
온실가스 감축 이미지

Additionally, we produce the paper raw material filler(CaCO3) using CO (Carbon Dioxide) generated by other companies. The Technology to utilize CO (Carbon Dioxide) as a raw material is an advanced case not seen anywhere around the world, not only we have made a breakthrough to reduce the Greenhouse Gas emission by reducing the fossil fuels, but we have also reduced the Greenhouse Gas emission produced by other factories 

Hankuk Paper is actively participating in the Greenhouse Gas Target management system and Tradable Permit system accordance with the Low Carbon Green Growth Act and taking the lead in protecting the environment through recycling of Waste Steam and reduce the use of Energy.

Forestation Business

Since 1964, Hankuk Paper
has been leading in order to solve
the Environmental problems
along with raising forests.

조림 사업 이미지
조림 사업 이미지

The size of the Hankuk paper forestation is about 18 times larger than Yeouido and has been managed for the last 50 years since 1960 throughout Gyeongju in Gyeongbuk , Pohang, Suncheon in Jeonnam and Yeoju in Gyeonggi. Hankuk Paper will continue leading the protection of Natural environment and also continue to carry out afforestation projects and build green forests and nature.

Environmental Friendly Certifications

조림 사업 이미지
As environmental issues such as Forest Damage,
Global Warming, and Reduction of GHG becoming
global issues, environmental certifications such as
FSC® and PEFC are expanding in the distribution and
printing industries of developed countries, including
major exporting countries such as USA and Australia.
In accordance, Hankuk Paper has obtained the follow-
ing environmental certification standards.
Obtained FSC® Certification FSC 인증 획득

In November 2007, Hankuk Paper obtained the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Chain of Custody (COC) certification, an international environmental certification, for coated paper, white paper, and copy paper. All products manufactured and sold by Hankuk Paper from the purchasing boiled pulp process have been recognized as being products conforming to the FSC® standards, and the entire process of selling has also been recognized by FSC®.

PEFC Certification ObtainedPEFC Certification Obtained

In April 2017, Hankuk paper obtained 100% PEFC, PEFC Controlled Source Certification in the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes); a program of the International Forest Certification Association, regarding coated and un-coated paper.

Obtained ISO 14001 CertificationISO 14001 인증 획득

As the national income level has been increased and the social responsibilities of corporates are being emphasized, the demand for environmental friendly products and related services has also been increased. Due to this, Hankuk Paper has obtained the Environment Management System (KS I ISO 14001/ISO14001) certification in October 2006.

Other Environment related Activities

수질관리 이미지

Water Quality Management

The waste water generated during the production process will go through a waste water treatment within the factory and being reused in the production process in order to reduce the water usage. Any waste water inevitably needs to be discharged will be strictly managed with a self-standard higher than the legal standards.

Waste Management

In order to minimize the wastes generated during the production process, we are conducting improvement activities starting with selecting the raw materials and packaging materials. The waste generated is being strictly monitored and managed for transparent and appropriate processing of the waste materials through consigned companies and recycling companies.

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1사 1하천 운동, 식목행사 등  이미지

One River per Company Campaign, Tree planting events and more

To protect and preserve the nature (mountains, river, coasts, etc.), around the factory, all employees are working hard to clean around the factory such as collecting garbage, river cleaning to improve water quality. Additionally, tree planting event are being held around the factory and in the mountains every Arbor day.