Transfer base paper

As a paper for indirect printing for mediums in which direct printing is impossible (pottery, helmet, toy etc.), it involves water transfer printing and thermal transfer printing depending on the transfer method. Hankuk Paper’s transfer base paper consists of various product types in both water transfer and thermal transfer base paper, making it possible to be used adequately according to the respective purpose and with high concentration of transfer object, it prides in outstanding transfer quality.

Sublimate thermal transfer base paper


As A base paper for sublimate thermal transfer coating, it has outstanding coating qualities and it is equipped with outstanding characteristics of base paper equipped with high temperature thermal stability. (Sublimate thermal transfer: Dyeing method in which sublimate ink seeps through by evaporation without undergoing the liquid process in high temperature state)


Sublimate thermal transfer base paper

  • 70g/㎡
  • 80g/㎡
  • 90g/㎡
  • 95g/㎡
  • 100g/㎡
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