Art paper

Art paper, as a paper coated with coating solution that is usually comprised of white pigment and binder above the base paper, is a product with enhanced aesthetic product value such as whiteness index and gloss as well as printability. Hankuk Paper, the first in Korea to develop double coating technology since March 1993, has been pioneering the domestic art paper market.

X-pri Art


Xpri Art, as a double coating art paper with 2 coatings on one surface, produces products with differentiated raw material design and manufacturing technology when compared to the existing art papers, resulting in extremely uniform and smooth surface as well as white-paper gloss. In addition, it has outstanding halftone dot realization and reasonable ink fixedness, making it a premium art paper capable of high-end printing above 600 lines. Furthermore, Hankuk Paper’s Xpri Art is a high-bulk product offering differentiated quality in the thickness and stiffness of the paper.


Magazine, advertisement, premium catalog, calendar etc.

  • 80g/㎡
  • 100g/㎡
  • 120g/㎡
  • 150g/㎡
  • 180g/㎡
  • 200g/㎡
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