Hankuk Paper R&D Center tries the best to select a
new research and development topic and carry out the development.

Hankuk Paper pledges to become a Best quality product making
company through endless research and development to improve the quality.

Introduction on the R&D Center

Hankuk Paper has been playing a leading role for
national paper industry’s improvements
based on our excellent technology.

Throughout the process, the R&D team has been conducting an endless research, development and quality improvement efforts which has made Hankuk Paper recognized globally with its quality and technology.

Hankuk Paper R&D Center apprehends both national and international product development and research trends and always selects and discover new research topics. Furthermore, we are doing our best to strengthen our ability to development new products with the aim of maximizing our own research skills. Also, in order to meet the customers’ requirements, we continuously improve our existing products for the best quality.

기술연구소 소개 이미지
기술연구소 소개 이미지

Hankuk Paper R&D center is always trying the best to find any possible improvements with continuous research on the process. We try to solve any problems through process analysis, reconsidering the used chemicals such as main/sub raw materials to make improvement.

Hankuk Paper R&D center will quickly analyze the changes in trend and the customer’s demands to enhance the paper technology, new technology developments for globalization, develop new product, research on high quality paper technology, increase productivity and etc. by continuous research on all areas.

Lab Introduction

  • 초지 실험실 이미지

    Paper making laboratory

    Quality evaluation of main/subsidiary materials, simulation evaluation of paper making conditions, process development and applied researches for improvising quality.

  • 코팅 실험실 이미지

    Coating laboratory

    Owns test equipment for processing such as the latest automatic lab coater and others., raw material testing and coating for coating.

  • 인쇄 실험실 이미지

    Printing laboratory

    Owns 4-color offset printer and equipment capable of experimenting the general characteristics of printing. Regular quality evaluation with regards to produced goods, optimal printing condition setting, development and research on printing technology

  • 복사 실험실 이미지

    Photocopy laboratory

    Owns high speed photocopier with more than 120 copies per minute, photocopier per each device type, laser printer, inkjet printer. Evaluates various photocopying characters, laser and inject printer characters, research on quality improvement.

  • 분석 실험실 이미지

    Analysis laboratory

    Structure analysis of paper surface and cross section using the latest analyzing devices, component analysis of atom and coated paper, state analysis of printing surface, qualitative/quantitative analysis of main and subsidiary material, foreign matter analysis of process and product, water quality analysis of water and wastewater quality.

  • 항온향습실 이미지

    Temperature and humidity room

    Owns measuring device that is essential when measuring the paper properties and analyzing devices necessary for analyzing paper characteristics. Compares and evaluates the quality with other products from both home and abroad, evaluates the characteristics of produced goods and the overall strength.

Major Research Equipment

공정과 제품의 정확한 분석

Accurate analysis of process and product

As the only domestic paper making company to have installed 4 color offset printer, HeidelbergGTOV-S, the printing characters, workability and the like of commercial products and new products can frequently be checked. It owns high speed printer, Nuvera 120CP that prints above 120 copies per minute as well as photocopier/printer per device type. Through photocopying and inkjet character testing of photocopying paper (miilk), we strive to produce goods that would satisfy all customers. Moreover, it owns high-tech analysis equipment such as Scanning Electron Micro-scope (SEM), EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy), FT-IR, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer and ImageAnalyzer.

최상의 제품을 생산하는 기초연구 수행

Conducts fundamental researches to produce the best products

Owns Pulp Expert that automatically measures the main ingredient, pump and various properties as well as Dynamic Drainage Analze (DDA) capable of simulating the dehydration state of high speed paper making, Particle Charge Detector (PCD), Zeta Potential Meter and others which allow optimal raw materials to be designated for the product. It also enables the optimal insertion rate of chemicals while conditions can be set. With Lab Coater which reproduces the coating conditions of the site and Capillary High Shear Viscometer that enables the high speed coater’s flow properties of coating color to be checked, fundamental researches are conducted to produce the best products.

최신 종이 물성 측정장치를 보유

Owns the latest paper property measuring device

It owns high-cost paper property measuring equipment such as PaperLab which is a paper property measuring device capable of measuring 10 properties at once, Tapio, a paper property device for process analysis, Fracture Toughness tester and others.