All Pulp Board

Produced by the printing paper machines, KAce, HANKUK PAPER’s all-pulp board made of 100% bleached virgin fibre, reveals great printing and drying properties, high strength & thickness and excellent processability. It is used in the production of high-quality cartons

KAce P


Keep your product safe with Hankuk Paper's premium packaging KAce!! All-Pulp Board 'KAce P', using 100% of the highest quality pulp, is a non-fluorescent, single-side-coated product with zero harmful substances and it can safely store food. In addition, it is produced in a paper machine exclusively used for printing paper, has excellent printability and drying properties. It is used for high-end cases due to its high resilience, thickness, and maintains excellent manufacturing process.


Cases for foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, publications for children, tags, etc.

  • 300g/㎡
  • 350g/㎡
  • 400g/㎡
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