Wood-free paper

Wood-free paper is commonly referred to as vellum paper and is used as premium printing and writing paper. Hankuk Paper’s wood-free paper is produced by the latest high performance auto control equipment, resulting in outstanding uniformity and it is produced using alkaline paper making technique, resulting in outstanding durability of the paper.

Clean Gloss paper


Clean Gloss paper, as a product produced by a dedicated paper machine for wood-free paper, has outstanding formation, is high-bulk and is highly differently from other products in terms of smoothness and whiteness index


Publication, notebook, studying material, book, document form for government institute, shipping receipt etc.

  • 70g/㎡
  • 75g/㎡
  • 80g/㎡
  • 90g/㎡
  • 100g/㎡
  • 120g/㎡
  • 150g/㎡
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