Talented people in Hankuk Paper introduces their own work scopes personally as they exhibit their talents and never stop making challenges in various fields.

Office work

Management planning
Planning: Provides support so that the company’s work activities would head towards a strategic direction by establishing mid/long-term strategy and vision through internal and external management activities.

Computer: Establishes strategy following mid/long-term informatization plan, establishes and operates various computer systems in the company.
Supports the production activities of production department by receiving various raw materials required for production activities at optimal condition both at home and abroad.
HR and general affairs
HR : Select secures, maintains and fosters talented people capable of achieving the company’s vision and objective, contributing to the achievement of organization objective.

General affairs: Provides convenience required for the work activities of the company’s executives and employees, hosts company events and manages various assets.
HR and general affairs
Provides information for economic decision making for the management level and interested parties by analyzing and managing the profit and loss structure based on the company’s financial information.


Sales (domestic/overseas)
Increases sales and secures profitability by managing the domestic and overseas exchange and securing new markets.
Sales support
Establishes sales strategy by analyzing the market trend and supports smooth sales activities of the sales department.
Establishes logistics plan and manages the overall logistics flow such as incoming and outgoing of products.


Technology planning
In charge of the general production ability and technology management by managing the plant’s new expansion and investment for completion.
Technology research
Improves product process and develops new products, contributing to the reinforcement of the company’s competitiveness.


Managers the overall production course per process and product, manages production performance and is responsible for efficient production work by improving production fairness.
Enhances quality competitiveness of the company’s product through quality control of raw materials, customer service and others.
Contributes to the efficiency of production works of the production department through the production and maintenance of equipment within plant and contribute to the efficient production within the plant.
Environmental safety
Environment: Manages the industrial water from the production process, operates waste treatment plant, executes maintenance works but is not in charge of activities to improve the production competitiveness.

Safety: Manages the internal and external environment of the plant such as safety within plant, firefighting, health control and others in order to create a safe and pleasant environment for works