Hankuk Paper performs economic and legal responsibilities of a company
while executing ethical responsibilities simultaneously.

In particular, executing ethical responsibilities with regards to the corporate’s management activities are considered as an obligation and
it is used as a basis for the company’s decision making and behavioral principles.

Business ethics

Criterion for company’s decision making in order to generate competitiveness
by setting and maintaining relationships with the interested parties

※ Interested parties: Customer, member, competitor, region and international society

기업 - 사회,고객,투자자,구성원,파트너

Member ethics

Duty of a member complying with the corporate policy,
regulation, company rule and work procedure

Ethical management 효과 - 기업경쟁령 및 브랜드 가치 제고,Domestic외 경영환경 변화에 따른위험대비, 생산성과 품질향상, 바람직한 노사문화 형성, 투자자 신뢰확보

Ethical management Of Hankuk Paper

All executives and employees of Hankuk Paper aims to contribute to creating a reliable company by complying with the acts, respecting the market order and pursuing transparent management based on the group’s mission, ‘Contributing to the social development by generating the best value with honesty’.

Responsibility with regards to a customer

  • Listen to the voices of customers at all times, act and judge from the customer’s perspective.
  • Fulfill the demands of a customer by providing the best products and services to customers.
  • Do not engage in any unjust acts that may cause disadvantage to customers.
  • Protect the safety and information of the customers and comply with the acts and regulations with regards to customer protection.

Fair relationship with business partners and competitors

  • Pursue joint development through fair transactions at a mutually equal position with business partners.
  • Do not force unjust act or influence by using the superior position.
  • Respect competitors and establish a sound market order through fair and good-willed competition.
  • Respect the fair trade order and comply with the acts related to fair trade.

Promise with regards to the executives and employees

  • Acknowledge the dignity and value of individuals based on trust on executives and employees, evaluate fairly and compensate rightfully.
  • Provide opportunities fairly for reinforcing competence to executives and employees and do not discriminate based on gender, academic background, region of origin and others.
  • Protect the privacy of an individual and create a mature organization culture based on mutual trust.
  • Establish smooth communication and organization culture with mutual trust to execute passionate and creative work.

Basic ethics of executives and employees

  • Have pride and self-respect as a member of Hankuk Paper and execute duties honestly and sincerely.
  • Comply with the acts and regulations and do not engage in acts that violate conscience.
  • Execute the given duties sincerely and do not engage in acts that go against the profit of interested parties such as shareholders and customers.
  • Distinguish private and public life and do not pursue personal gains by using one’s work and position.

Responsibility with regards to society

  • Comply with the acts as a member of a country and a society and contribute to national and social development through continuous social contribution activities.
  • Consider the environment protection of the relevant country and region with priority and activate fulfill environment-friendly management activities.
  • Execute work by considering the safety of the society and strictly comply with the safety rules.

Duty of good faith with regards to shareholders and investors

  • Protect the rights of shareholders and investors and respect the just demand and proposal.
  • Endeavor to protect the profit of shareholders and investors through rational and efficient management activities.
  • Prepare and report the corporate information such as accounting materials in accordance with the standard of the relevant country.
  • Provide accurate information to shareholders and investors and establish relationship based on mutual trust.