Hankuk Paper awaits the creative
challenges of competent people
with talent and dream in various fields.

정도를 추구하는 인재

Talented people pursuing the right path

  • Thinks and acts based on fact.
  • Stays faithful to the basics and principles while dutifully fulfilling one’s competence and role.
  • Takes responsibility for one’s acts and consequence confidently.
최고에 도전하는 인재

Talented people challenging
the best

  • Studies relentlessly to be equipped with the best professionalism in one’s field.
  • Is not satisfied with the present and devotes oneself for a higher target.
  • Achieves the target without fail with passion and tenacity without giving up.
소통하고 협업하는 인재

Talented people who communicate and collaborate

  • Acknowledges differences by moving away from prejudice and embraces diversity.
  • Communicates and collaborates with colleagues, customers and society with an open heart.
  • Abandons group and individual egoism and maximizes the group’s performance by exhibiting teamwork.
미래를 주도하는 인재

Talented people leading the future

  • Observe the changes of the market and customer requirements sensitively and reacts promptly.
  • Resolves problems with innovative ideas by exceeding the limits of customs and common notion.
  • Generates value by exceeding the customer’s expectations and leads continuous growth of the organization.