Corporate information

Hankuk Paper will strive to contribute to the cultural development of
the world based on the best technology and quality.

Hankuk Paper, established in 1958 is a company specializing in the production of printing and writing paper for more than half a century under the motto of ‘Contributing to the cultural development in South Korea through paper’. Based on independent and differentiated technology, Hankuk Paper has produced innovative products that are best described as ‘the first’ and ‘the best’. In 1982, with the application of Korea’s first Millenary Paper, Hankuk Paper opened the era of acid-free paper, commonly known as ‘Millennium Paper’ in South Korea. In 1983, double art paper in which coating solution is applied twice on base paper was produced, elevating the status of domestic art paper. Since then, through ceaseless research and development, Hankuk Paper launched premium grade, art paper ‘X-PRI” in August 2004 as well as matt finish rough gloss paper, ‘ARTE’ in June 2012, resulting in the quality of domestic printing and writing paper reaching a world-class level. Furthermore, Hankuk Paper has laid a foundation to develop into a global paper

production company by taking over specialty paper production plant in China, capable of producing 70,000T of stainless steel, slip sheet, release paper, memo base paper, wallpaper base paper, special packing paper, Tips and others annually. Hankuk Paper that has pioneered the qualitative and functional transformation of papers to meet the demands of various customers is taking a leading role in preserving nature. As the first to commence a systematic reforestation business in the domestic paper industry, it has managed forests in Gyeongju and Yeoju with area exceeding 18 times that of Yeoido and since 2000, Hankuk Paper is striving to fulfill the social responsibility for preserving the Earth by establishing an environment-friendly management such as reducing energy cost, reducing carbon emission, construction of PCC plant, usage of surplus steam and re-utilizing energy. Hankuk Paper gives you our word that we will develop into a world-class corporate, satisfying customers based on the best technology and quality.

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  • Executives and employees

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Management philosophy

Global corporate contributing to the cultural development through paper

We are a corporate specializing in the production of printing and writing paper with half a century history, achieving entrepreneurship spirit.

Technology leader

Technology leader

Quality-oriented, touching the hearts of customers

Hankuk Paper has grown to become a market leader by manufacturing competitive products, upgrading paper manufacturing technology in based on independent development and technology. It analyzes the customer demands and materializes customer satisfaction centered on the principle of quality-first, ultimately exceeding customer’s expectations. It will continue to lead the industry with the best quality, centered on people by developing and applying technologies for the next generation to benefit from.

지식과 문화발전을 지향하는 기업

Corporate oriented towards knowledge and cultural development

Paper communication, communication through paper

The 21st Century is dubbed as the century of culture. Hankuk Paper proactively supports activities to designed to understand people and produce creative knowledge in human, the driving force of enhancing cultural development. We assist the accumulation of inheritance of cultural and social knowledge through various texts created by using paper as a medium. In the future, we will faithfully play the role of a bridge connecting individuals with neighbors, generations, past, present and future as well as companies through paper.

Trustworthy and ethical corporate

Trustworthy and ethical corporate

Bright future of mankind created by green forests

Hankuk Paper, as the No. 1 reforestation corporate in Korea, contributes to the preservation of environment for a sustainable Earth by managing forests in Gyeongju and Yeoju with area exceeding 18 times that of Yeoido. Moreover, by participating actively in establishing an environment-friendly management environment such as reducing energy cost, re-utilizing energy and reducing carbon emission, ultimately creating a brighter tomorrow for mankind.

Mission & Vision

We will stand as a leading "eco-friendly" company with our customers.

Hankuk Paper, a corporate generating the best value fairly and contributing to social development

Hankuk Paper that has pioneered the field of printing and writing paper since its establishment in 1958 has positioned itself as a corporate
ceaselessly generating customer value and future by listening to the voices of customers and as an environment-friendly corporate
contributing to creating a clean environment by growing forests based on credibility and coexistence. Now, based on 59 years of
experience and technology, we will strive to become a pioneering company equipped with the best competitiveness through
relentless innovation and change.

Mission of Hankuk Paper

Mission of Hankuk Paper

Contributing to social development by generating the best value fairly.

Vision 2020 of Hankuk Paper

Vision 2025 of Hankuk Paper

Achieve a leading eco-friendly company with our customers

Business Principles

  • Market-oriented


    Reading the market changes one step ahead and offering more than customer expectations.

  • Communication and collaboration

    Communication and collaboration

    Communicating with 5W’s 1H and proceeding with work from an overall perspective.

  • Efficient growth

    Efficient growth

    Producing world-class products by thinking and judging rationally with efficient and productive work methods.

  • Prioritizing talents

    Prioritizing talents

    Prioritizing talents with skills and moral character and contributing to the customer and company by producing great products and services.

Core values

  • Honesty


    We talk based on facts. We comply with shared principle and ethics.

  • Passion


    We challenge for a higher standard than the present. We strive persistently until we achieve.

  • Creativity


    We view things differently and think newly. We search for better ways at all times.

  • Pursuit for rationality

    Pursuit for rationality

    We make judgment based on truth and materials. We comply with justified standards and fair procedures.

  • Prioritizing customers

    Prioritizing customers

    We think and judge from the customer’s perspective. We provide the best value to customers.