Hankuk Paper’s Safety Management Activities to Ensure Zero Accidents
for All Employees and Stakeholders

Hankuk Paper has established a safety and health management system to ensure that all employees and stakeholders are accident-free,
and it is actively involved in safety management by implementing symbiotic cooperation initiatives
with suppliers to achieve shared safety and health development.

Safety and Health Management

Safety and Health Management Policy

Based on the conviction that nothing is more valuable than our lives,
we declare to all executives, employees, and stakeholders
that we will continue to implement and develop the following measures
so that management and labor can work together to prioritize
and implement the safety and health policy.

  1. 1Through the advancement of a safety and health management system, all executives and employees participate in identifying and eliminating potential risk factors and developing an autonomous safety culture through systematic training and education.
  2. 2To establish a safety culture based on fundamentals and guiding principles, we will strengthen responsible safety management in production and safety collaboration and develop a safety culture focused on prevention.
  3. 3We identify risks that may arise from all business planning, development, purchasing, production, research, transportation, sales, and service activities in advance, and perpetually promote safety improvement activities with the participation and cooperation of employees.
  4. 4All members, including executives, employees, and contractors, must conduct comprehensive pre-work preparations and adhere to safety and health procedures.
  5. 5We encourage all internal and external employees and stakeholders to autonomously partake in safety and health activities through cooperation and communication and to operate response manuals by the imminence of potential risks to mitigate damage.

2023. 1. 2.

Ahn, JaeHo

CEO   Ahn, JaeHo

협력사와의 안전보건 공생협력

Symbiotic Cooperation on Safety and Health
with Suppliers

Hankuk Paper is implementing a program of symbiotic cooperation
with suppliers to attain shared development of safety and health
by enhancing social responsibility for safety and health.

Safety and Health Management System


We have established an independent safety
and health management system
through ISO 45001 certification
and are continually striving to achieve a safety
and health accident-free workplace by anticipating
and preventing safety and health risks that may arise
from workplace activities,
thereby contributing to corporate profits.

Certification History
KOSHA/OHSAS 18001: October 2016 - October 2020
ISO 45001 : Oct 2020 ~
한국표준협회KSA에서 인증한 경영시스템인증서(국문,영문),