Overseas branches

  • 미국법인

    Hankuk Paper's American branch

    The American branch (hereinafter HKP USA), was established in August 2015 in LA, California with the purpose of reinforcing the local sales and marketing. Through HKP USA, Hankuk Paper established an organic network between Korea’s production foothold and America’s local foothold of demand and prepared a foundation to reinforce the relationship with the existing customers while expanding new customers. HKP USA is focused on selling and managing printing paper (art paper, wood-free paper) in the North America region along with information paper (copying paper) and industrial specialty paper.

    Email: hkpusa@hankukpaper.com
    Homepage: www.hankukpaperusa.com


  • Haesung Industry

    Haesung IndustryHolding company of Haesung Group of Companies, an integrated asset management company growing alongside its customers

    Since its incorporation in 1954, Haesung Industry has been providing high-quality services to customers, namely office building leasing and facility management. Moreover, moving forward in the real estate through remodeling of existing buildings and also building new constructions to meet with new demands. After the conversion as a holding company in November 2020, it is not only managing the existing businesses but also strengthening its total business portfolio, cultivating competent personnel, and executing brand management.

    Company establishment: February 1954
    Business areas: Holding company, real estate leasing, and facility management, etc.
    Business sites: Seoul and Busan, etc.
    Homepage: www.haesungind.co.kr

  • Keyang Electrics

    Keyang Electric MachineryCompany specializing in motorized tools and automobile motors

    Keyang Electric Machinery has diversified its tool business portfolio to include engine and industrial tools since its incorporation with the purpose of pursuing motor tool commerce in 1977.
    In particular, the company has been elevating its status as a business partner of global automakers since 1987 through expansion of its business domains into the automobile motor industry.Keyang Electric Machinery is striving to provide qualities which customers are expecting and creating new value by ceaselessly researching and analyzing the market and customers as a leading company in the motor field.

    Company establishment: April 1977
    Business areas: Manufacturing of motorized tools and DC motors, etc.
    Business sites: Seoul (headquarters), Ansan (R&D center, factory), Cheonan (factory), Suzhou, China (overseas corporation) and Yenxing, China (overseas corporation)
    Homepage: www.keyang.co.kr

  • Haesung DS

    Haesung DSSolution Provider for materials and electronic components

    Haesung DS has led the advancement and growth of the semiconductor market in Korea as a leading global company in key semiconductor product areas including lead frames and PKG substrates, having fully entered the semiconductor industry in 1984. In particular, supplying semiconductor frames for automobiles to domestic and foreign companies using the independently developed, environmentally friendly nano-coating technology (PPF). Moreover, it is increasingly expanding the scope of application to product groups such as flash memory through manufacturing of stratified circuit boards, utilizing a continuous production format (reel to reel) for the first time in the world. Currently, the company is concentrating on development of new technologies such as graphene in order to elevate the added value of existing businesses as well as to open doors to future industries at the same time.

    Company establishment: April 2014
    Business areas: Manufacturing of semiconductor lead frames and package substrates
    Business sites: Seoul (headquarters), Changwon (business sites), Suzhou, China (overseas corporation), Fukuoka (overseas liaison office), and Changwon Haesung Technology (subsidiary company subjected to consolidation)
    Homepage: www.haesungds.co.kr

  • Hankuk Package

    Hankuk PackageEnvironment-friendly integrated packaging container company growing alongside its customers

    Hankuk Package was the first company in Korea to manufacture carton packaging for liquids in 1979 and after previously separating from its mother company in 1993 incorporated as an independent company specializing in manufacturing of liquid packaging containers. Company has been growing as an environmentally friendly integrated packaging container through 2021 merger with Wonchang Packaging Industry which specializes production of corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes. Hankuk Package, which is leading the domestic packaging container industry, is continuously pursuing and achieving generation of demands through development of new markets and product diversification by equipping itself with global competitiveness by means of improvement of quality level and manufacturing technologies that the customers demand as well as establishment of facility automation.

    Company establishment: November 1993
    Business areas: Liquid packaging container (carton pack), corrugated cardboard and corrugated cardboard boxes
    Business sites: Seoul (headquarter), Ansan (factory) and Gimhae (factory)
    Homepage: www.hkpak.co.kr

  • Seha

    Seha CorpCompany that promotes innovation and values of nature

    Seha is a company that has specialized in manufacturing of industrial white board and white board for boxes since its incorporation in 1984. By leading the white board industry through its technological capabilities and differentiated competitiveness accumulated since incorporation, it is increasing its domestic market share as well as exporting products to more than 20 countries in the world including the USA, Australia, and Japan. Seha is closely managing and analyzing rapidly changing market circumstances and fortifying its quality competitiveness to satisfy customers. Seha dreams of prosperous society by having foremost priority on people and the environment.

    Date of Establishment: July 1984
    Field Of Business: Manufacturer of industrial white duplex boards and box boards.
    Places of Business: Daegu (HQ) and Seoul (Office)
    Homepage: www.seha.co.kr

  • Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang)

    Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang), Mfg. Co., Ltd.Specialized paper production and sales company

    Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporation, established in January 2003, is the only 100% invested Korean paper company in China. The company produces and sells approximately 70,000 tons of special paper, such as stainless steel interleaving paper, release paper, base paper for memo, tip papers, etc. Since the merger by Hankuk Paper in February 2013, it has been shown
    Stable management running and progress have been achieved are even greater.
    Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporation strives to create values for customers and to give satisfaction by producing and providing specialized paper with high values.
    Furthermore, all staff members come together with their best efforts in becoming one of the top 10 specialized paper industries in China.

    Company establishment: January 2003
    Business field: Specialized Paper Production and Sales
    Locations : Zhangjiagang, China (Head Office)
    Homepage: www.kookilpaper.cn


  • 해성여자고등학교

    Haesung Girls High School

    Since its establishment in 2008, Haesung Girls High School has endeavored to secure qualitative and quantitative perspectives of school education
    according to the demands of the 21st Century by staying true to the periodic summons and the spirit of establishment. As a result, it has positioned itself as a
    prestigious private high school representing the region.
    Haesung Girls High School strives to foster female talents to pioneering the rapidly-changing global trend underneath the 3 axes of ‘openness’, ‘competition’ and ‘cooperation’.

    Homepage: www.haesung-g.hs.kr

  • 해성국제컨벤션고등학교

    Haesung International Convention High School

    Since its establishment in 1958, Haesung International Convention High School fosters smart convention leaders pioneering the global era of the 21st
    Century. It endeavors to foster creative young talents equipped with infinite potentials to lead the future based on differentiated educational competence
    and furthermore, aims to become a school that enhances professional knowledge, a school that is active, a school where students are respected and a school where
    students would be able to unfold their skills.

    Homepage: www.haesung.hs.kr

Haesung Culture Foundation

  • 해성여자고등학교

    Haesung Culture Foundation

    Haesung Group with ancient history is leading the social contribution activities, a corporate responsibility as South Korea’s representative company.
    Since the establishment of Haesung Culture Foundation in 1970, it has provided scholarship of approximately KRW 15 billion to over 28,000 students and it is
    consistently engaged in social contribution activities in various fields such as supporting eyesight enhancement projects in low income groups by collaborating with
    Korea Foundation for Preventing Loss of Eyesight.