Privacy Policy

‘Hankuk Paper MFG. Co., LTD' (hereinafter the ‘Company’) highly regards the personal information of the customers and complies with the act regarding the “Promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information”. Through the Privacy Policy, the Company informs how and for what purpose the personal information provided by the customer is being used and what measures are being taken to protect personal information. In case the Privacy Policy is amended, the Company shall notify it through notice in website (or individual notice).

ㅇThis guideline comes into effect from July 31st 2009.

01. Personal details collected

The Company collects personal information as below for member subscription, consultation, service application and others. .

  • Items collected : Name (Korean, English, Chinese), date of birth, gender, password, house telephone number, house address, mobile number, e-mail, job, company name, information of legal representative, physical information, language spoken, work experience, internal and external information, education and training, family details, introduction of research, self-introduction, veteran and relevant information
  • Method of collecting personal information : Homepage (Consultation bulletin, open bulletin, online application, free gift application)

02. Purpose of collection and usage of personal information

The Company utilizes the personal information collected for the following purposes.

Execution of agreement related to service provision and provision of contents for settlement of charges following the service provision

  • Member management
    • Individual identification, civil complaint processing such as processing complaints, delivery of notices
  • Utilization for marketing and advertisement
    • Deliver promotional information such as events, provision of service following the demographic characteristics, publication of advertisement, analyze connection frequency or statistics related to the member’s usage of service
  • Accept recruitment information during online application
    • Self-verification upon application

03. Period of possession and usage of personal information

In principle, once the purpose of collecting and using personal information has been achieved, the relevant information shall be destroyed without delay. However, in case there is a need to conserve it in accordance with the relevant acts, the Company shall store the member information as below for a period stipulated in the relevant acts.

  • Conservation items : Name, password, mobile phone number, e-mail, job
  • Basis for conservation : Acts related to the usage and protection of credit information
  • Conservation period : 3 years

04. Destruction procedure and method of personal information

The Company shall, in principle, destroy the relevant information without delay once the purpose of collecting and using personal information has been achieved. The destruction procedure and method are as below.

  • Destruction procedure
    The information inserted by the member for member subscription and others is transferred to a separate DB once the purpose has been achieved (in case of paper, separate document box) and is destroyed after it has been saved for a certain period in accordance with the reason of information protection pursuant to the internal guideline and other relevant acts (refer to period of possession and usage). The personal information that has been transferred to a separate DB shall not be used for other purposes other than when it is possessed in accordance with the acts.
  • Destruction method
    • The personal information that has been saved as in the form of an electronic file is destroyed by using a technical method that cannot be regeneration.

05. Provision of personal information

The Company shall not provide the personal information of the user outside in principle. However, it shall be excluded in the following cases.

  • In case the user has agreed in advance
  • In case there is a request from a investigation institute pursuant to the regulation of acts or according to the procedure and method specified for investigation purposes

06. Consignment of personal information collected

The Company does not consign the customer’s information to an external company without the customer’s consent. In the future, in case there is a need for such, the consignee and the details of consignment shall be notified to the customers and if necessary, request for prior consent.

07. Rights of users and legal representatives and the method of exercising them

The user and the legal representative can view or edit the registered personal information of oneself or children below the age of 14 at any time and can request for termination of subscription. In order to view, edit the personal information of the user or children below the age of 14, click “Change personal information” (or ‘Edit member information’) and “Withdraw as member” in order to terminate the subscription (withdrawal of consent) and after self-verification, it can be personally viewed, edited or membership can be withdrawn or contact the person in charge of personal information management in writing, via telephone or e-mail and action will be taken without delay.
In case you have requested for rectification with regards to error in the personal information, the personal information concerned shall not be used or provided until the rectification has been completed. Moreover, in case the wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, the result of rectification process shall be notified to the third party without delay for rectification.
As for the personal information terminated or deleted by the request of the user or legal representative, the Company shall process it according to the items specified in “the period of possession and usage of personal information collected by the Company’ and is processed so that it is not viewed or used for other purposes.

08. Items related to the installation, operation and rejection of automatic collection device of personal information

The Company operates a ‘cookie’ to frequently save and find your information. Cookie, as a very small text file that is sent to your browser by the server that operates and uses the website of Hankuk Paper MFG. Co., LTD, is saved in your computer hard disc. The Company uses cookies for the following purposes.

  • Usage purpose such as cookie
    • Analyze the connection frequency of members and non-members, analyze the preference and areas of interest of the user, trace tracks, target marketing through analyzing the participation degree in various events and number of visits, provide customized service. You have the right to select the installation of cookies.
      Therefore, you can allow all cookies through the web browser setting or confirm every time a cookie is saved or reject all the cookies from being saved.
  • How to reject the cookie setting
    Ex.: As a way of rejecting the cooking setting, select the option of the web browser that you are using to allow all cookies, confirm every time a cookie is saved or reject all the cookies from being saved.
    Example of setting method (In case of Internet Explorer)

09. Civil complaint service related to personal information

The Company has designed the relevant department and the person in charge of personal information management as below in order to protect the customer’s personal information and to process complaints related to the personal information.

  • Personal information management executive: Management executive Jeongman Kim
  • Personal information management senior: Human Resource/General Affairs Team Myungjun Lee, Management Inforamtion Team Hyeonsang Lee, Factory Assistant Team Jeongsang Cho
  • Personal information manager
    • Management Information Team Jangbeom Park: Tel 02-3475-7321, e-mail JBPARK@HANKUKPAPER.COM
    • Human Resource/General Affairs Team Junghyun Lee: Tel 02-3475-7365, e-mail JHLEE11@HANKUKPAPER.COM
    • Factory Assistant Team Jongkeol Lee: Tel 052-240-7713, e-mail JKLEE11@HANKUKPAPER.COM

10. Obligation to notify

  • Details related to other personal information protection including this Privacy Policy guideline shall be disclosed in the Company’s homepage screen so that users would be able to view it at any time conveniently.
  • When the details are added, deleted and amended following a change in the legal policy or security technology, the changed personal information shall be notified on the homepage prior to implementation along with the reason for change and the details.
  • The details of this Privacy Policy may be subject to frequency change so please check it every time you visit the homepage.

Final implementation date of this Privacy Policy : March 31st 2013