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  • I would like to supply equipment and materials.

    The Supply process for Hankuk Paper is as follows.


    1) Equipment / Material Proposal (Submit the promotional documents on the equipment and materials and meeting with the person in charge when needed)

    2) when in need, we will request for a quotation (Quantity, Price, Specifications)

    3) Quality, Price competitiveness needs to be considered before purchase.  

    Please check the process above if you wish to supply equipment and materials.

    Make an inquiry through the homepage Customer Center > Customer Inquiry > Others

  • I would like to apply for a field trip to the plant.

    The Factory field trip is conducted through the following steps 

    ①Field Trip Inquiry – ②Apply a Official letter (Field trip application) – ③ Review – ④Field Trip Schedule Announcement


    ∙ Field Trip Inquiry – Onsan Factory support labor part 052) 240-7713

    ∙ Application of field trip – Factory Fax : 052) 239-0048 

    *Apply for the field trip at least two weeks before the schedule.

    ∙ Field trip Schedule announcement – A call will be made to the selected people


    Possible Applicants

    - Only a group field trip is allowed (excluding organizations for commercial purposes)                                    

    - age must be at least a university student (for safety reasons)


     ※ Please Check!

    • Depending on the situation of the factory, the number of people allowed could differ.

    • When filling out the application form, please fill in the name, contact information, group name and number of visitors.

     (it may be difficult to be selected if there is no contact information)

    • Please check the availability of vehicles before applying.

    • The field trip could be cancelled due to natural disasters, and factory conditions.


  • I would like to know about the social contributing activities conducted by Hankuk Paper.

    For more information on Hankuk Paper Social Contribution activities, refer to the homepage Sustainable management > Social contributions.

  • I have an inquiry related to IR.
    For inquiries on Hankuk Paper IR related, please inquire through Customer Center > Customer Inquiry > Others.
  • How do I check the Financial Statements?

    Hankuk Paper’s Financial Statements is on the Homepage > Investment information > Financial Statements


  • I would like to know more about miilk friends

    Hankuk Paper’s representing copy paper brand miilk is operating a miilk friends (university student supporters). 

    It has started in 2014 and the miilk friends are aggressively promoting miilk, and also experience the factory field trip, SNS Content production, Offline promotion and many other activities. 


    For more information on the miilk friends?

    • miilk Friends café :

    • miilk Facebook :

    • see activities by miilk Friends

      Webzine :

      UCC and Roadshows:


    Support inquiry

    • miilk Friends office: 02-6082-8220

  • I would like to request for a sample book.

    Hankuk Paper Sample Book is a total sample book with all the printing paper, copy paper and the specialty paper. 

    To request for Hankuk Paper Sample book, go to Customer Center > Customer inquiry > Newsletter / Sample book > Sample book request form


    Hankuk Paper provides a free of charge on the freight charges for more convenience of our customers. 


    The service only applies to online requested customers and it will be sent once a month. 

    (The period could change according to the request situations)


    If you need the sample book urgently, please make an inquiry to the contact information below. 

    Hankuk Paper marketing part (※ there will be charges for this method)

  • I have an inquiry regarding the newsletter subscription

    Hankuk Paper Newsletter Paper communications is a newsletter for both inside and outside of the corporation which has been published for the last 4 years. 

    The method to subscribe/unsubscribe/change the newsletter are as follows.


    • to Subscribe for newsletter

    Customer Center > Customer Inquiry > Newsletter / Sample Book > Subscribe for the newsletter 

    • to change / unsubscribe the newsletter

    Customer Center > Customer Inquiry > Newsletter / Sample Book > Change / unsubscribe the newsletter


    Hankuk Paper newsletter can also be downloaded through online. 

    PR Center > Media Center > Newsletter

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