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  • The copying paper gets jammed

    A copy jam is usually caused by the environment in which the copy machine is stored and used, rather than the problem of the paper. Paper has the property to become the same as the external environment. For example, in the summer, moisture is absorbed in to the paper, and in winter, the paper is dried up like the winter weather. These characteristics can cause copy jams. Therefore, keep it as packed as possible and use it only as much as you need to prevent jams. If the jamming occurs continuously, it may be a problem with the copier consumables. Please contact the Copy machine A/S center.  


  • Is there a front and back page of the paper?

    Hankuk Paper’s copying papers do not differentiate front and back page. 


    Hankuk Paper is designed and manufactured to use both sides. Depending on the paper production equipment, there could be a difference on the sides of the paper. However, Hankuk Paper produces copy paper using Gap Former type copying machine which does not cause double-sided paper.

  • I would like to know about the characteristics of the miilk product

    Miilk has been prepared in 7 types in order to fulfill the various needs and situations of the customers. 

    The daily choice of miilk 75, 80, 85g/㎡, special choice of miilk Beige, PT, Photo, Premium and etc. not only the basic OA papers, the paper can be used in various situations such as photocopy, photo printing and etc. 


    For more information and details on miilk products, please refer to Product Information > Main Products > Miilk 

    The usage story of miilk can be found in the miilk Brand Story.

  • Why is miilk a miilk?

    The naming began with 'milk (miilk)' which is soft and clean, full of nutrients needed for growth.

    For more details on the miilk naming story, please refer to Product Information > Main Product > miilk page (below the miilk inquiries)

  • What are the main product of Hankuk Paper’s Specialty Paper?

    Major products of Hankuk Paper’s Specialty paper includes wallpaper, label paper and transfer paper. 


    The wallpaper of Hankuk Paper is not only excellent in processing workability when making silk wallpaper and wallpaper, but also has excellent durability and workability. Hankuk Paper’s label paper has the best label quality because of its first and best label technology in Korea with coating label paper and waterproof label paper. Hankuk Paper’s transfer paper could be used for indirect printing purposes, and there are water transferring paper and heat transferring paper. Hankuk Paper has a variety of transfer papers suitable for your needs and has excellent transfer quality with high transfer density.


    For more information on Hankuk Paper specialty paper products, please visit the Product information > Product Introduction > Specialty Paper



  • What are the main products of Hankuk Paper’s Printing Paper?

    ARTE and Macaron are major products of printing paper of Hankuk Paper.


    ARTE is a special paper by Hankuk Paper suitable for producing high quality prints such as exhibitions, brochures, business cards, etc. with a natural texture and a luxurious texture. Macaron is a thick, lightweight paper that can be applied to a wide range of prints, including books, magazines, and newsletters.


    For more information on Hankuk Paper print paper products, please visit the Product information > Product Introduction > Printing Paper

  • What is the appropriate temperature/ humidity for storing the products?

    The recommended temperature and humidity for Hankuk Paper products are as follows.


    • Temperature: 23±2℃

    • Humidity: 50±2% 

    * ISO 187 Standards of pre-treatment environmental conditions

  • Can I get an A/S Service on the product?

    If you have any inquires or discomforts using the Hankuk Paper, Please make an inquiry to Hankuk Paper C/S Team. 


    • To make an inquiry, 

      Hankuk Paper C/S Team Contacts (02)2264-9331~5)

      Hankuk Paper Customer Center > Customer Inquiry > Product Inquiry


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