For inquiries, click on the following questions to see the answers in detail.

  • I would like to request for a Quotation.

    Unfortunately, Hankuk Paper does not provide a quotation service. If you wish to inquire the product price, please refer to the homepage, Product Introduction > Consumer Price list


  • I would like to export Hankuk Paper.

    Please arrange the product and quantity that you would like to export and contact the person in charge.


    • Inquiry method

    Customer center > Customer Inquiry > Purchase Inquiry > Overseas (Export)

  • I would like to make a small purchase.

    Hankuk Paper does not sell directly to the customers in small quantity.

    Please refer to the nearest agency if you wish to purchase a smaller quantity.


    • The location of Hankuk Paper agency

      Customer Center > Agency information

  • I would like to know the conditions for a new agency.

    Hankuk Paper considers the sales quantity, Store location, Distribution capacity before opening a new business agency.

    Please contact through the contact information below.


    * Contact points : 

    Printing Paper Sales team : , team leader (02) 3475-7220, 010-5221-4961,

    Information Paper Sales team : Chok Yang, team leader  (02) 3475-7255, 010-8599-7203/​)


    Specialty Paper Sales team : Seunghun Oh, team leader (02) 3475-7261, 010-8452-7984,

    Oversea Sales team : Hyunsoo Lim, team leader (02) 3475-7224, 010-3222-4804,


  • I would like to check the product price list.

    Hankuk Paper Product’s consumer price can be checked though Product Information > Product Introduction


    * Contact points : 

    Printing Paper Sales team : Jung Jae Sam, team leader (02) 3475-7220, 010-5221-4961,

    Information Paper Sales team : Na Deok Yoon, team leader (02) 3475-7250, 010-6343-1235,

    Specialty Paper Sales team : Kim Heung Rak, team leader (02) 3475-7240, 010-3213-2163, 

  • Hankuk Paper Sales Staff Contact information
    Contact sales representative for Korean paper sales are as follows.
    I will kindly respond to the customer's inquiries.
    ◈​ Oversea Sales Team
    Hyunsoo Lim Manager 02-3475-7224 010-3222-4804
    Woojong Jung​ Manager 02-3475-7285 010-5289-3353​​
    Hoyoung Kim Assistant 02-3475-7259 010-7566-1364
    Jung-a Lim Junior 02-3475-7288 010-5141-4597
    Kyunghoon Nam Junior 02-3475-7225 010-8011-7975
    Hyewon Choi Junior 02-3475-7287 010-8928-5787
    kyungmi Kim Junior 02-3475-7286 010-4860-9951