Good packaging with environment in mind, ‘Green Shield’ by Hankuk Paper

Hankuk Paper’s ‘Green Shield’ is Eco-friendly paper packaging material which does not require plastic PE coating and it can be reused in paper material

  • No Polyethylene
    No Polyethylene
  • Recyclable
  • Food Contact Safety
    Food Contact Safety
  • Solid

Special Theme

Green Shield

Eco-friendly packaging that does not require PE
coating and reusable.

product infomation

235, 255, 295, 300, 315, 330, 345g/㎡

Product value
& special
  • It does not require plastic PE coating.
  • It can be reused in paper material.
  • It has superb water resistance, grease
    resistance, and processing quality,
    making it suitable for food packaging.

As packaging materials for cups, food,
cosmetics, etc.

Good packaging with environment in mind,
‘Green Shield’ by Hankuk Paper

Experience our Eco-friendly packaging material ‘Green Shield’ that is recyclable and be minimal effect to soil!

Green Shield Fact Check

Let’s learn about Green Shield

Green Shield is a special Barrier coated paper (Polymer) developed by Hankuk Paper, Which has been manufactured by using a different method compared to other Barrier coating methods hence does not require PE coating and it can be reused in paper material
Naming of Green Shield

Green Shield is a name that signifiles the Environment (Green), Pritection (Shield) and environmentally beneficial coating.

Green Shield Naming

BI of Green Shield

Color Green is used as the main color so it can intuitively be understood to be an eco-friendly product and the leaf graphic is expressed to further emphasize the environmental aspect.

Green Shield EN BI Green Shield KO BI

Will Green Shield really be “decomposed”?

We have tested to see if Hankuk Paper’s Green Shield is really decomposable, we buried and observed it for 6 weeks, a longside regular paper1) , and paper with regular Barrier coating (PE, PLA2)) which is used for food packaging material etc.

As a result we were able to visually confirm that Green Shield decomposed in the ground after 6 weeks around the same degree as regular paper.
  1. 1) Regular paper: Possible for recycling and 100% natural decomposition in the ground
  2. 2) PLA: Eco-friendly resin made from raw materials of corn starch
  3. * This test is data from an internal laboratory conducted with culture soil under certain conditions.
  4. * Acquisition of ’OK Compost Industrial’, a biodegradable certification by an external certifying institution

after 1 week after 3 week after 6 week

Green Shield, recognized for its biodegradability that is beneficial to nature

Hankuk Paper’s Green Shield has undergone the biodegradability test at ‘TUV Austria’, a European testing certification institution, and has acquired the ‘OK Compost Industrial’ by passing all hazardous substance concentration measurements, biodegradability, composting, and compost toxicity tests.

환경표지 인증서Green Shield’s ‘OK Compost Industrial’ Certificate
(Certified for biodegradability by TUV AUSTRIA)

  1. 1) Composting test
    Green Shield decomposed by more than 90% from composting test done by TUV Austria, a figure that enables it to be used as compost.

    Green Shield

  2. 2) Green Shield’s compost toxicity test
    Green Shield compost created in Test No. 1 was utilized to conduct a test on the toxicity impact on plants.
    As a result, it was confirmed that plants grew more than 90% compared to before using Green Shield

    Green Shield

It can be decomposed

Is Green Shield really “recyclable”?

In order to measure the most basic condition for determining whether the paper is recyclable - "whether the paper gets loosened in water" – we re-created paper with Hankuk Paper’s “Green Shield” and paper with general Barrier Coating (PE, PLA) used as food packaging materials through the same process as the normal paper manufacturing method.

As a result, Hankuk Paper’s Green Shield was found to be reusable as a paper material without the need for a separate film removal process.
* Impurity removal rate during pulping process : < 3% for Green Shield (According to Kangwon National University CIPST and Canada FP Innovation Test results)
Experimental Process

Release in water  -> Make paper -> Measure paper fiber separationNote)

  1. Paper fiber separation: Dispersion degree of paper fiber
Measuring paper fiber separation
Paper with regular Barrier Coating (PE, PLA) could not be measured because it did not dissolve in water,
while, Green Shield, the number is measured as 32, confirming that it is recyclable
as an excellent quality paper.
  1. 1) Ordinary paper, the paper fiber separation value is measured to be about 30-60.
  2. 2) The lower the value, the better the paper dispersion of recycled paper.
Paper Dispersion Image Analysis Results
Paper Dispersion Image Analysis Results
Green Shield has been recognized for its outstanding recyclability

Hankuk Paper’s Green Shield went through a repulpability test conducted by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a US-based organization responsible for safety standards development and certifications. Green Shield obtained the “UL ECVP 2485” rating for its outstanding recyclability, proven to show less than 4% of the paper dissociated in water.

* UL ECVP 2485 : Validation achieved for recyclability which from authenticating feasible specs for products claimed to be environmentally friendly.

  • Recyclability

    Recyclability (ECVP 2485)

It is 100% recyclable.

Good packaging material Green Shield,
is it really an ‘eco-friendly’ product?

Good packaging material Green Shield which recognized for both its biodegradability and recyclability acquired the ‘Environment Mark’ Certificate in recognition of its outstanding environmental aspects through the entire process from production to disposal.

* Environment Mark Certificate : Certification system supervised by the Ministry of Environment and is assigned to eco-friendly products that can reduce energy and resource consumption while minimizing the pollutant production

환경표지 인증서Environment Mark Certificate acquired by Green Shield

It’s eco-friendly, FACT

Can Green Shield be used as a food packaging material?

Q1. Is it suitable for food packaging material?
To determine whether Hankuk Paper’s Green Shield is suitable for food packaging material, the following experiment was conducted to see how much it can withstand water and oil.

The results showed that the Green Shield has water resistance1) and grease resistance2) at the level of a standard PE or PLA coated paper cups or food containers.
  1. 1) Water resistance: Property that does not get wet or soaked when it comes in contact with water
  2. 2) Grease resistance: Property that does not get wet or soaked when it comes in contact with grease
Water Resistance Experiment

Measuring the amount of water seeping in after contacting the coated surface for a certain period of time
to find out whether it can withstand the moisture and wetness of the food.

As a result, Hankuk Paper’s Green Shield measures at 11 gsm in hot water (90 ~ 95 ℃) and at 8 gsm in cold water (0 ~ 4 ℃), proving that it can be used as a packaging container.

  1. The lower the value, the better the water resistance; it can be used as a paper cup, if it has a level of 30 gsm or less

Resistance Experiment

Grease Resistance Experiment

Grease Resistance Kit-TestNote) is conducted to check whether it can withstand oiliness of food
Results showed that Hankuk Paper’s Green Shield passed the 12th test in the same way as ordinary Barrier Coated (PE) paper, thus confirming that it can be used as a packaging container

  • Grease Resistance Kit Test
  • - Test method by dropping 12 oils with different paper
      permeability in sequence
  • - The higher the number, the higher the permeability
  • - In the case of ordinary paper, it is all absorbed
      in the first drop of oil.

내유성 Kit-test

Q2.Is it safe for food packaging material?
Hankuk Paper’s Green Shield complies with the <Packaging Standards of Instruments and Containers> provided by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

KCL and SGS have conducted testing to check whether it produces harmful materials and has confirmed that it is harmless to humans.

  • FDA Compliant

    FDA Compliant

  • Food Contact Safety

    Food Contact Safety

  • Food Contact Safety

    Food Contact Safety

  • Microwave Safe

    Microwave Safe

  • Phthalates Test

    Phthalates Test



  • Food Safety (Paper material)

    Food Safety
    (Paper material)

  • Food Safety (Coating)

    Food Safety

  • Food Safety (Paper material – Dried food contact)

    Food Safety
    (Paper material
    Dried food contact)

It is safe for food packaging material.

Is Green Shield good in usability?

To check if Hankuk Paper’s Green Shield has good usability when processed as packaging materials, we conducted experiments on adhesive ability (thermal adhesion) and tearing (thermal adhesion resistance) according to temperature as follows.
Thermal Adhesion Test (Evaluating Adhesive Ability)

Evaluating the superiority of the adhesive ability by measuring the minimum temperature at which the adhesive coating surface is completely torn apart by incrementally raising the temperature under certain conditionsNote) of controlling pressure and time.

  • pressure : 100kPa, time : 1sec

Lower values signify that adhesion is possible at lower temperatures

Thermal Adhesion Resistance Test (Evaluating Ability for Post-Processed Usability)

Evaluating whether the heat in post-processing work can be maintained by measuring the maximum temperature at which the adhered coating surface does not tear apart by raising the temperature at 5 ° C intervals under specific conditionsNote) of controlling pressure and time.

  • pressure : 100kPa, time : 5sec

The higher the value, the better the adhesion resistance it has between the cup papers, between cup papers and the molding.

It has outstanding usability.

Let’s learn about the special processes that complete Green Shield

Green Shield complemented disadvantages of paper that is weak against water and oil.
let us look at the special processes of Green Shield that are different from regular paper.
  • Stock preparation : Process that enables Green Shield to achieve its fundamental function as a food
    packaging material
    Stock preparation
  • Papermaking process : Process that enables Green Shield to be crafted into the form of general paper
    Papermaking process
  • Coating process : Process where special Barrier coating occurs.
    Coating process
  • Finishing process : Process of finished Green Shield is packaged and shipped
    Finishing process

'Green Shield Today’, Daily Record of Green Shield
Biodegradability Experiment

Green Shield, being eco-friendly Barrier Coating is said to be biodegradable, Is it really possible?
This biodegradable process was personally observed everyday for 6 consecutive weeks and ob-
servations were recorded on the experiment daily record.

Experiment conducted by: Hong, Mi Jeong, teacher at Pungkwang Elementary School

  • green shield is being planted
  • green shield week one
  • green shield week two
  • green shield week three
  • green shield week four
  • green shield week five