Macaron, Hankuk Paper’s wood-free paper, thick and colorful like macarons

Just like thick and flamboyant macarons,
Hankuk Paper’s wood-free pape, Macaron will add richness and splendor to your masterpiece thanks to its outstanding color reproduction.

Macaron maximizes the volume while maintaining high-bulk and publications with equal thickness
can be made lighter and more economic and due to its high smoothness, it can be used in various printouts

  • High Bulk
    High Bulk
  • Light
  • Natural
  • Reasonable

Special Theme


Light and voluminous Maracon
Makes the publication more exuberant due to its outstanding color reproduction during printing.

제품 정보 리스트
Key grammage of production

70, 80g/㎡


White, Cream

Product value & special characteristics
  • Light and economic.
  • High color reproduction.
  • Vintage sensation with mild, cream color.

Premium book, professional book etc.

Outstanding color reproduction

Compared to the existing high-bulk paper centered on Grade 1 printing with high smoothness, it satisfies Grade 4 printing quality, making it suitable to be used in various printouts.
High bulk refers to a paper that is thicker because it has more volume than the paper with equal grammage but is much lighter compared to the book with the same thickness.