[Exhibition] Invitation to the ARTE , the pure imagination, 2016 Paper Show

[Exhibition] Invitation to the ARTE , the pure imagination, 2016 Paper Show

There are three rooms, a interior designer’s room made with Korean traditional paper and a florist room made with  HwaIn papers. And there is a room of editorial designer with pure and intense atmosphere made with the ARTE Hankuk Paper. This exhibition was the same space as the  paper curator of the 2016 edition of HwaIn Paper published for customers.


Workspace of artists peaked with 3 papers and 3 colors


From October 6th to November 4th, the '2016 Paper Show' was held at HwaIn Gallery in Yeonnam-dong. The exhibition, co-sponsored by HwaIn Paper and HwaIn Specialty Paper, and sponsored solely by the Hankuk Paper, was decorated with 'Artist Rooms' so that three different types of paper could be viewed from the users' perspective. The first room was the editorial designer room of pure white with 'ARTE', a high-end printing paper of Hankuk Paper. The second room was made with flowers of 'Hwa in us G Cross‘ developed by the Hwa In Specialty Paper and made flowers with ‘Hwa In Color‘ paper. The third room was a room made of Korean traditional paper. The exhibition organizer Yoo Kwang Ryeol CEO of HwaIn Paper said, “Although it is said that the paper industry is hard, designers still hunt to find the right paper for their piece in EulJiRo. As our motto is to ‘help customers to find their perfect paper easily’, we are hosting  Paper Show every year as the member for the Cultural Art Project.” He also said that he has planned on the extension line of the anxieties for the contact between the brand and the user, and made the intention of the exhibition and completed after 6 months.


ARTE's unique transformation of advanced printing paper


At the forefront of productivity in the printing industry, ARTE has been reborn as a workspace for 'editing designers' who have a wide range of concerns about printing papers. From designers’ desks, chairs, sofas, Macintosh computers, bookshelves, and walls, it was as if the editorial designer have just left realistic and sophisticated room. The printing paper, which I had only met in 2D, was made into a graphical oriental wall, a sofa with a cushioned feel, and a desk decorated with objects, giving the impression that the editing designer's work was transferred from the floor to the space. In addition, one wall showed the process photos of Hankuk Papers producing ARTE in black and white and decorated it with mosaic type, and it was able to get a glimpse of brand value and spatial worries at the beginning and end of ARTE. The transformation of ARTE, which was like a day off, was nice because it was a pleasant collaboration with ARTE's other possibilities, which proved the imaginations to the consumers. Paper Show, which have reinterpreted users and paper as a medium of space.This is why the next step of HwaIn Paper - a cultural and artistic project that is struggling with other dimensions of paper is much expected.