Hankuk Paper, the history of
South Korea’s papermaking business.

2001.10 2002.06 2004.03 2004.08 2005.05 2005.08 2006.03 2006.02 2009.03 2009.11 2011.05 2012.06 2012.10 2013.02 2013.08 2014.09 2015.10 2016.01 2016.10 2017.07 2017.07 2018.02

Operation of paper machine Unit 2 at Onsan Plant begun

Printing paper for English textbooks donated to North Korean middle schools

Completion of automated warehouse at Onsan Plant

Development and launch of 'Hiper X Free'

Signing of voluntary energy agreement

Completion of automated warehouse at Dongtan Logistics Center

Completion of Paper Machine Unit 4

Premium printing paper 'Hiper CC' launched

Awarded Presidential Order of Merit for Exemplar Taxpayer

Awarded Grand Prize, Ulsan Environmental Awards

Premium printing paper 'miilk' launched

Premium rough gloss paper 'Arte' launched

Awarded International Business Award (IBA)

Acquisition of Zhangjiagang Branch in China

Euljiro Customer Center opened

Proclamation ceremony of Haesung Group

Renewal of 'miilk' brand

'macaron' launched

Awarded Asia-Pacific Stevie Award

Launched 'KAce'


60th Anniversary