Hankuk Paper, the history of
South Korea’s papermaking business.

1987.07 1989.11 1990.12 1993.04 1994.02 1994.05 1994.08 1996.11 1998.07 1998.09 1998.11 1999.07 1996.11

First issue of company newsletter
<Hanji Family> published

Completion of Onsan Plant /
Installation of twin
wire paper machine

President, Songnam Dan, Sa Cheon
Recipient of Camellia Medal Award, Order of Civil Merit

Newly-established No. 1 coater (Double Coater)
in the Onsan plant and commenced
the production of Double Coated Art paper

Signing ceremony for the adoption of paper machine
Unit 2 at Onsan Plant

Acquired ISO 9002
certification - first in industry

Expansion of paper machine Unit 2
at Onsan Plant

Awarded 50 Million Dollar
Export Tower Award
on 11th Korea Trade Day

Completed the construction of
Onsan Station logistics center /
rail transport begun

Anyang Plant sold, Closure
(Put an end to the history of 38 years)

Awarded 100 Million Dollar Export Tower
Award on 35th Korea Trade Day

Completion of Coater Unit 2 relocation to Onsan Plant
(Formerly Coater Unit 1 at Anyang Plant)

Launched Korea’s first premium
copy paper ‘Clean Copy Plus’
(Launched ‘Clean Copy’ in May 1994)