Version-up of Hankuk Paper’s 2 types of ARTE sample book

Version-up of Hankuk Paper’s 2 types of ARTE sample book

It’s been almost a year since premium rough  gloss paper, ARTE had been newly introduced by Hankuk Paper. During the past year, our work has been reproduced as artwork and senses have been reproduced as affection on paper. To commemorate it, ARTE sample book put on new clothes. Introducing the sample book produced in 2 concepts, ‘Color’ and ‘Space invader’. 

Color, elevating the dignity of basics.  


Color sample book that has been dedicated to reproduce the outstanding colors which is one of the advantages of ARTE is comprised of 10 colors including red, orange and yellow. The background color is adequately clear, making it reproduce colors closest to nature but besides, unravelling the respective colors into storytelling adds to the joy. With accurate color recreation in high resolution, this book that boasts its colorful aspects have proved the suitability for digital printing.   


SPACE INVADER, expanding the horizon of creative 


<Space invader>, an arcade game created by Taito, a Japanese game company in 1978. ARTE encountered the legend of Japanese shooting game that still is popular until now since its launch. The masterpiece of a Paris artist who is holding a ‘Space Invader Project’ all around the world was photographed one by one. Let’s time a moment to appreciate the attractions of ARTE by the colorful and distinctive ideas can be felt through the landscape.