[Exhibition] Hankuk Paper’s DREAM Tree located in Gyeongui Line Book Street

[Exhibition] Hankuk Paper’s DREAM Tree located in Gyeongui Line Book Street

Gyeongui Line Book Street located at Exit Number 6 at Hongik University Station at Gyeongui Line, Seoul is a venue of book culture that presents the past, present and future of books. Opened in October 2016, over 110,000 people have visited, making it a rising spot in Hongdae.  


The book street has train-shaped booths from Gyeongui Line’s Hongik University Station Exit Number 6 to Wau Bridge. 14 train booths in total is named Literature Walk, Liberal Arts Walk, Culture Walk, Child Walk, Travel Walk and others, welcoming visitors with its respective concept. Among them, Hankuk Paper welcomed the visitors with Hankuk Paper’s DREAM TREE in the vicinity of Wau Bridge.  


In the form of Hankuk Paper’s miilk boxes and gift boxes based on the motif of ‘Christmas Gift’, Hankuk Paper’s DREAM TREE was created, signifying gifts for customers and achieving the customer’s new year dream. To harmonize with the book street, bestsellers like 『Vegetarian』, 『1cm』, 『Annals of the Joseon Dynasty』 and others produced using Hankuk Paper’s printing paper brands, ARTE, Macaron, Primo were used as ornaments to decorate the tree. The huge DREAM TREE of Hankuk Paper added vitality to the book street that seemed calm and silent. In particular, its shiny lightings made it a hot place for selfies at night.  


In addition, Hankuk Paper conducted making paper toy events using ARTE as well as Christmas paper accessories, mobiles, postcards and others.  


When the new year of 2017 begins, Hankuk Paper plans to interact with visitors through a different DREAM TREE that only used to illuminate the streets in the past. Expectations are high to witness how Hankuk Paper plans to interact with visitors in the new year at Gyeongui Line Book Street.