Hankuk Paper, awarded with 2013 Communication Grand Prize in Planning and for its excellent promotional material

Hankuk Paper, awarded with 2013 Communication Grand Prize in Planning and for its excellent promotional material

On the 4th of December, there was a ‘2013 Korea Communication Grand Award’ event.

The corporate newsletter which can not be omitted from the communication field and the 2013 ARTE Sample book have been awarded Grand prize each in the newsletter field and the promotion material field. The chairman of Korea Newsletter Association Kim HeungKi have mentioned through the welcome message that, “Despite the global economic crisis, the entry for this year has been increased by 30%.”, “Communication is not just exchange of information, but it is an important resource making the future fusion society and managing an organization.”, “we should put our strength to produce contents with persuasive messages”. 

Yoon EunKi Judge, the chair-professor of Seoul Science Graduate school have stressed that the message of the content is more important than the skills and technique, “the judging gets harder every year and not easier. This is a pleasant worry.”

 Hankuk Paper newsletter <PAPER communication> has been awarded with the Korea Newsletter Association planning Grand prize in the Printed newsletter field and the ARTE Sample book <SPACE INVADER> has been awarded with the promotion material field excellent prize. Hankuk Paper has been awarded again this year followed by the ARTE Sample book and miilk package IBA(International Business Awards), being widely recognized with their artistic and excellence printing products domestically and foreign. 

The <Paper Communication> first published in 1989, is being enjoyed mostly by the company staffs and customer who love paper allowing them to communicate with the various paper industry companies through variety of ways and paper. The 2013 ARTE Sample book <Space Invader> which was selected as an excellent piece along with the newsletter, has been evaluated that there is a creativity and fun communication in the monotony printed sample book. The CEO Kim KwangKwon said that, “Hankuk Paper has always thought of communication with the customers as the most important task, and this award has been given in the recognition of our efforts.”, “We are going to strengthen our communication through more different channels in the future”. 


Hope that the <Paper Communication> which has a dream of communicating with the customers, the Hankuk Paper staffs and the industry personnel and not only for information transferring purposes, make great growths continuously in the future, would like to give them a clap and cheers.