Kim Seo hyeon,
25 years old,
academy lecturer, female

Fatigue on the eyes? I’ve never experienced that!
Thanks to miilk BEIGE that leaves
the eyes stress-free despite printing hundreds of pages in a day
Me, a passionate lecturer who begins the day with miilk!

매일 사용하는 종이지만 늘 선택은 miilk BEIGE죠. 학생들에게 전 센스있는 인기 강사랍니다!

Ms. Kim Seo hyeon (female, 25 years old), an academy lecturer teaching essay in academy areas.

She goes to work at 1 in the afternoon then starts preparing for classes. Printing the massive essay materials for her students take almost 2 hours a day. She has to print and prepare a lot of materials depending on the number of students and it has been a while since her eyes have become extremely tired when looking at white and shiny papers for a long period of time under the bright fluorescent light in the academy. There were many opinions that claimed that students, too suffered from fatigue in the eye when reading tightly squeezed sentences for a long period of time. Should I try changing the paper? After meticulously going over reviews and searching relentlessly, Ms. Seo hyeon selected Hankuk Paper’s
miilk BEIGE.


The reviews said that the cream color with a cozy feeling reduced the fatigue in the eyes under bright fluorescent light and reading tightly squeezed sentences over a long period of time did not cause discomfort. In addition, students gave their thumbs-up as the printing was clearer than the existing copying paper, making it easy to read and leaving the eyes comfortable, ultimately making Ms. Seo hyeon feel proud! Her director even told her that the academy should use miilk for all copying papers, leaving her feeling extremely cheerful!

최서현 25세 학원강사
최서현 25세 학원강사

Today, there is only 1 choice for her as she lives passionately while preparing various printouts over hundreds of pages.
That’s miilk BEIGE!