Im, Sun ah
new employee at Company H,
PR team, 26 years old, female

First start towards the world! Continuity of nerve-racking anxiety
However, confident with miilk!
Rookie in the society as I grow with miilk

더 할 나위 없는 완벽함 miilk, Yes! miilk 덕분에 똑소리나게 일 잘한다고 인정받고 있어요!

Yes to miilk, ideal perfection!
“I’m being recognized for my Hard work. Thanks to miilk!”

Ms. Im, Sun Ah (female, 26 years old), a new employee in the PR Team is responsible for handling the remaining work of her seniors while preparing various reports and taking in charge of printing and copying duties. ‘Printing can’t be that difficult!’ was her first impression but it wasn’t what she had imagined.


To Mr. A, she had to quickly print reports of few hundred pages then bind, To Mr. B, she had to print double-sided documents and to Ms. C, she had to print clear color printouts. She thought, printing and copying could be done of a touch of a button but Im, Sun Ah some papers got jammed, some papers were too thin and the printing quality of some papers were bad. Nothing is easy in life···.

임선아 26세 H기업 홍보팀 신입사원
임선아 26세 H기업 홍보팀 신입사원

Im Sun ah who realized that in printing work even page of copying paper had to be selected carefully. After a long contemplation, her choice was Hankuk Paper’s miilk. miilk which she preferred to use for reports and dissertations when her university years felt good when turning the pages when binding while realizing clear printing results ofout ink blurs. In addition, 75g, 80g, 85g thicknesses offered versatility. Now, she confidently exclaims ‘YES!’ regardless of what her seniors demand. Nowadays, of confidence gained of miilk, she is gradually developing from a new employee making a lot of mistakes to a professional employee.

임선아 26세 H기업 홍보팀 신입사원