Seo Jung won,
42 years old,
amateur photographer, male

My unique diary of memories made with photos
Vivid photos while memories fade away
Moments of affection that you wish to cherish forever,
together with miilk PHOTO!

사진은 선명도와 색감표현이 중요하죠.  저에게 miilk PHOTO는 언제나 감동입니다!

“For photos, definition and color expression are crucial.
To me, miilk PHOTO always touches my heart!”

Mr. Seo Jung won (male, 42 years old), an amateur photographer. He started studying photography professionally after he fell in love with photography in a photography club which he began as a hobby. Every weekend, he travelled regardless of the distance in search for subjects, totally indulged in photography.

서정원 42세 아마추어 포토그래퍼
서정원 42세 아마추어 포토그래퍼

In particular, as he was talented in catching the moment of human emotions, his dream is to become a photographer specializing in children as he finds the children’s smiles amusing. Recently, his favorite subject is his son who has just started toddling and muttering. Photos of him in a wide range of expressions from birth until now have filled up his computer hard disc. It’s not right to keep the precious memories with the child in the PC. How nice would it be if the baby’s expressions could be seen at all times?


After contemplation, he has decided to choose Hankuk Paper’s miilk PHOTO. With vivid color expression ability and clear resolution, miilk PHOTO that prides in the best quality photographic paper has completed the photo book of growth! Never imagined how photographs of professional standards could be printed at home like this···. Another wave of affection!

Life is an adventure and all moments are precious.
Mr. Jung won creates another page of the memory book with miilk PHOTO, yesterday, today and tomorrow.