Song In Hyeok,
31 years old,
advertisement copywriter, male

Every second, a continuity of fierce competition,
miilk, the best partner for me with no minute or second to lose!
miilk PT, an essential item for professionals who propose the best

송인혁 31세 광고 카피라이터

“Even the last piece of paper is selected like a professional.
Because miilk PT always guarantees optimal quality!”

Mr. Song In Hyeok (male, 31 years old) a copyrighter cum organizer at an advertising agency. He’s working day and night for weeks for an advertisement draft plan and few catchphrases that would win the hearts of all during the cosmetics competition PT. He desperately wants to succeed in winning this PT but as the PT date approaches, words can hardly explain his anxiety.

After struggling with the female color cosmetics for 2 weeks, his thoughts that were at the tip of his fingertips slowly began to form. Once the basis had been established, the phrases and design draft picked up speed. Now, he only has to print the proposal but a problem occurs! The proposal which was printed in a totally different color from the monitor made his advertising catchphrases and design that focused on the cosmetic colors worthless.

With the PT time approaching, his colleague tips on off on the miilk PT! miilk PT that is 90g, slightly thicker than the 80g that he usually used, revealed a silky and milky look on a smooth surface, captivating his eyes. Moreover, there was no transparency at the back after printing and the various visual colors were reflected perfectly, elevating the status of the proposal. An advertisement proposal completed with miilk PT in high standard. The feeling that it would leave a great impression on the choosy advertisers.

Hankuk Paper’s miilk PT is the optimal partner for
Mr. Song In Hyeok, completing creative catchphrases.