Introduce yourself.
 Hi, my name is Byungchul Ha. I have joined the Distribution Team in November 2011. I have work with Team for 5 years and a year in as PI in ERP TFT.
Introduce your current duty.
Hankuk Paper’s mission is to “Maintain product’s best quality form and prevent any discomfort to customers and to provide the product in most sufficient way possible”. I am part of a Team in Dongtan Distribution Center where we are in charge of operational support, distribution planning and data analysis.
Physical Distribution  - Byungcheol Ha
What motivated you to
apply for the relevant duty?
I once said “Let’s apply the best logistic system for Hankuk Paper”  when I was applying for a job in Hankuk Paper. I majored in Logistics System and I wanted to build the most suitable system for Hankuk Paper by utilizing my major.
Were there any special
things to prepare before being
employed for this duty?
Since young, I have set my goal in Logistics Team and have prepared myself along the way. I have concentrated in studying necessary knowledge of logistics and after graduation the first thing I did was to apply for a job in that field. I have especially spent my heart in achieving National License in Logistics Consultant and International License in CPIM (Certified in production and inventory management) which was issued by the World Announced SCM Association, The APICS. In result, I was able to gain high skill that is relevant to logistics in dept.
Physical Distribution  - Byungcheol Ha
What was the most memorable
experience in your life
at the company?
I still remember working as a Logistics PI and coming up with ERP System Integration. Back than I felt that it  was a big plate to fill but I was able to grow with the project and learned tremendously.
What is ‘Hankuk Paper’ to you?
Hankuk Paper is a Big Tree for me. My seniors spent many efforts in training me and same goes for the company. We need to provide enough nutrition to grow the company like a tree.
Lastly, please offer a few
words of advice to those
applying for Hankuk Paper.
“Hankuk Paper is a place of opportunity”. My senior once told me this and now I would like to tell you the same. Do not miss this chance and be part of growing our global company.
Physical Distribution  - Byungcheol Ha