Introduce yourself.
Hi, my name is Mihee Gang. I was an assistant manager in production management Team. During my schooling days, I studied in Forest Engineering where it teaches basic theory and business process for forest products such as second raw materials with high value product or on how to manufacture daily necessities. With this background, I have started my relation with Hankuk Paper since April 2012.
Introduce your current duty.
Production Management Team is divided into production planning and Process Control with Raw Material Management. I task is to come up with monthly and weekly production plans, process work orders and maintain the outcome.
Production Management - Mihui Kang
What motivated you to
apply for the relevant duty?
I was hired as a full time after completion my internship. There are trainings provided by each individual Team during the internship which allowed fresh graduates to understand what each Team does. For me, I was ready to show what I have no matter which Team I was assigned to.
Were there any special
things to prepare before being
employed for this duty?
I first started with the Laboratory Team. However I was quickly moved to Production Management Team with not much knowledge of it. So I had to learn through my given task. After 6 years working with the Team, I was able to gain fast judgement skill, task monitoring and multi tasking skills. My next goal is to improve on my social skills and interact better with my co-workers.
Production Management - Mihui Kang
What was the most memorable
experience in your life
at the company?
Hankuk Paper provides a Team building every 6 months. Employees will have a chance to yacht on a hot summer day and jets ski to fly away the burning heat. I remember getting rescued after 2 hours when our jet ski was stuck by a net while surfing through the sea. I still remember the chill from that experience.
What is ‘Hankuk Paper’ to you?
Dynamic Hankuk Paper as it presents of excitement every single day.
Lastly, please offer a few
words of advice to those
applying for Hankuk Paper.
The core value of Hankuk Paper is honesty, enthusiasm, creativity, rational pursuit and customer’s needs. If you feel any of these keywords than you are at most ready to become a part of Hankuk Paper’s family.
Production Management - Mihui Kang