Introduce yourself.
Hi, my name is Siho Jung in Grassland Part 2 of Production Team 1. I have first started my internship in June 2013 and gained permanent job in August of the same year. I am now in charge of Technical Planning which provides TFT Problem Resolution and finalizing before production.
Introduce your current duty.
I’m working on actual output management, process control and task improvement along with on-site support.
Paper Making - Siho Jeong
What motivated you to
apply for the relevant duty?
 I was not sure what I wanted back in the day when I was applying for a job. However, I was able to narrow down my decision by reading and studying a lot of the Company’s task availability. I asked myself which task will I be able to perform the best and use the knowledge that I have learned through my schooling days.
Were there any special
things to prepare before being
employed for this duty?
I have majored in Chemistry and usually spent most of my studies in equity theory. When I was first preparing for my job interview, I remember participating in varies contest related to my major, on-campus employment, aptitude programs to gain varies information to help decide on my career path. I have also searched through job finder program to understand the wide range of employment in the market and to prepare my skills for it, however I feel that communication through the people that walked the similar path were the quickest way to gain firm and good quality information. The change of Team from Planning to Manufacturing has infact changed a lot in my experience. It created more links to employees and I had to learn each and everyone’s name and faces. I also had to try and be sociable in order to provide best results. I strongly believe that this kind of activity takes a big role in pulling out the best outcome within yourself as well.
Paper Making - Siho Jeong
What was the most memorable
experience in your life
at the company?
I still remember the first time I have performed a Equipment Investment Process. Equipment Investment is a opportunity for you to work with production, electricity, laboratory Teams and consist of wide range of learning. I was concerned that I had insufficient working experience in order to perform such investment however supports from my senior made it very easy to accomplish the task successfully.
What is ‘Hankuk Paper’ to you?
Hankuk Paper is a Question Mark for me as it drives me to constantly throw questions and curiosity. I am going to do my best to change this question mark to a exclamation mark.
Lastly, please offer a few
words of advice to those
applying for Hankuk Paper.
I hope that this opportunity can become a chance to show your strong points and have a good result in your career.
Paper Making - Siho Jeong