Introduce yourself.
Hi. I’m Kim Kang Ho, a newcomer who joined Hankuk Paper Onsan plant’s Engineering Team in August 2016.
Introduce your current duty.
The Engineering Team is divided into design part and maintenance part. I work in the maintenance part and am in charge of preservation plan, maintenance and improvement works with regards to plant equipment in order to enhance the company’s productivity and to increase profit. Maintenance works include securing the operation rate of machine, reducing preservation cost, minimizing sudden malfunction of equipment and others.
Mechanical Maintenance - Gangho Kim
What motivated you to
apply for the relevant duty?
I majored mechanical engineering in the university and I first experience machine maintenance duties during on-job training when I was a junior in the university. It was when I first encountered a duty called ‘preservation’ which was a field that I wasn’t able to learn from maintenance works and classes in school. I became interested in the operation principle of machines and devices, role and work of preservation department as I experienced them and since then, I indirectly experience the work flow, prevention and resolution process of problems during my internship in equipment technology duties which was when I was determined to become a ‘site engineering’. In addition, it was the right job for me as I was able to be active and as I was able to learn continuously which was the reason for applying.
Were there any special
things to prepare before being
employed for this duty?
Since I was a junior in university, I started to think about what would be the right duty for me. Moreover, the most important thing was what kind of duty would be appropriate for me. I believed that direct experience would be much beneficial than learning from books so I strived to accumulate a lot of on-job training and internship in order to experience what the job would be like. As a result, I decided that mechanical engineering and preservation job was appropriate for me. After determining my path, I prepared to learn more professional knowledge connected to the actual site works and I prepared through mock interview, debate, newspaper scraps, studying about common knowledge and others. As I debated about economy, duty, social issues with others and researched on communication methods, I learned a lot such as giving advices to each other as I prepared for the interview.
Mechanical Maintenance - Gangho Kim
What was the most memorable
experience in your life
at the company?
The overhaul work that was conducted in November this year was the most memorable. It involved the overhaul of cutting equipment out of many processes and it was the most memorable because it was the first project that I assisted my team seniors with. After undergoing the preparation processes such as number of personnel, maintenance range, necessary materials to preparations and maintenance, I finally realized that I had become an engineer. Furthermore, as it involved a foreign company participating in the maintenance project by visiting the site, everyone worked hard with the same objective although different language was spoken. I can still vividly remember the feeling of joy and accomplishment when the trial operation was successful after the maintenance.
What is ‘Hankuk Paper’ to you?
It is a stage for people to grow into an engineering. I believe that Hankuk Paper that is grounded on mechanism industry is the driving force of growth for me who desire for learning.
Lastly, please offer a few
words of advice to those
applying for Hankuk Paper.
Hankuk Paper is a honest and solid company where people can accumulate deep knowledge and a wider insight. Study in detail about Hankuk Paper and the support duties and calmly determine if you are a person that the company truly desires and after meticulous preparation, I believe that you could become a member of Hankuk Paper. The demand for workforce will significantly increase due to the recent development of special papers and broad-line system so I believe that there would be more opportunities to develop career. I wish that you would paint your future in Hankuk Paper as you become global leaders in this process.
Mechanical Maintenance - Gangho Kim