Introduce yourself.
Hi. I’m Yoo In Cheol working in the Management Information Team at Hankuk Paper. I joined the company in May 2014 and currently, it’s my 8th year working in the IT field.
Introduce your current duty.
Hankuk Paper’s Management Information Team is in charge of the operation and management of all computer systems in each place of business such as the head office, Onsan plant, Dongtan Logistics Center and others. We manage and support all IT infrastructures within the company so that the executives and employees would be able to execute their works smoothly.
Management Information - Incheol Yu
What motivated you to
apply for the relevant duty?
I majored in Computer Engineering in my university and I was able to learn about the general technologies and theories related to computer, such as C++, JAVA and DATABASE. I applied for the job because I wanted to contribute to the development of Hankuk Paper’s IT infrastructure based on my knowledge and experience related to IT and I find it worthwhile as I believe I am helping all executives and employees.
Were there any special
things to prepare before being
employed for this duty?
When I was a senior in university, I was accepted as an intern in an IT company where I had hands-on experience in programming work. Although the theories learnt in university is important, theory sometimes differs from the actual work at the company so I thought that learning the practical work during an internship before getting employed would be helpful and in fact, it was an opportunity for me to acquire knowledge on the programming work required at site. Working as an intern, I was able to experience a lot of projects in advance and enhance the programming work competence in various fields but I was also able to analyze and reinforce my advantages. Based on such experiences, I was able to join Hankuk Paper.
Management Information - Incheol Yu
What was the most memorable
experience in your life
at the company?
I think the word “Thanks” means a lot and lingers in my mind the most. As a team in charge of IT infrastructure and as a staff department, the Management Information Team where I am attached to supports IT related items for all departments in the company. As it manages and supports various hardware and software from ERP, POP and groupware to PC and wireless Internet, we frequently communicate with executives and employees in a lot of departments. Usually, we provide support once we receive a request for IT support through telephones and messengers and during busy times, we receive more than 100 calls a day. Although the work gets intense, if we resolve the problem earnestly, people tell us, ‘Thank you, you nailed it” and this word, “Thanks” makes my life in the company worthwhile and joyful. It has been the driving force for my 8 years of work.
What is ‘Hankuk Paper’ to you?
I have spent 8 years in Hankuk Paper already which is not a short period of time. After becoming an experienced employee and sincerely fulfilling my given duty, I feel worthy when I look at myself presently. Hankuk Paper is where I have undergone the ‘2nd heyday’ of my social life.
Lastly, please offer a few
words of advice to those
applying for Hankuk Paper.
“To judge if it is a company where many people would like to work for, look at the employee’s number of service years at the company.” This was a quote from a book that I read when I was preparing for employment. The better the company, the higher the employee’s number of service years with low transfer rate. I can proudly say that Hankuk Paper is a company where people like to continue working for. I wish all those applying the best of luck
Management Information - Incheol Yu