Hae Sung Group Declaration ceremony, the insight of the historical moment

Hae Sung Group Declaration ceremony, the insight of the historical moment

Hae Sung Group (Chairman Dan Jae Wan) made up of Hankuk Paper, Gyeyang Electronics, Hae Sung DS, Haesung Industry and Hankuk Package has declared their establishment 15th September 3:30pm in the Hae Sung Woman High School Auditorium in Dongdaemun-gu Seoul. The national and foreign guests and the about 500 group executives have participated in the event and they have declared Hae Sung group establishment, group CI introduction,  Value system presentation for structuring new corporate culture , employee resolution and many more events were held.


Ever since the former founder Dan Sa Cheon have established the Il-Man company in 1937, Hae Sung Group, which have secured the leading position in each of their business fields through constant precision management, now made a new history after 77years and established and starting a group management system.


The Hae Sung group lead by  Dan Jae Wan the current chairman with a strong leadership has shared the management principles and made a resolution of a new leap and proposed a mission of ‘Create the best value with Honesty and contribute to the society development’ and with the vision of ‘Continuously growing leader company’.

Let’s go into the declaration ceremony which was filled with one roar and burning determination.


During the words of encouragement by Chairman Dan JaeWan said, “in order to transform into a top corporation and survive in the intensified global competition, the executives must gather together leading the changes and innovate”. “Innovation can only be achieved through the communication between the executives, and I am sure that communication is only possible when they share the same values and target.”  


Chairman Dan have presented the Hae Sung Corporate culture, ‘Hae Sung Way’ and ‘Hae Sung Communication’ and said that, “I will do my best to set the new erected Haesung Group Culture deeply into the executives with the determination that this is a second establishment”. As a reply to the mentioned above, the executive who have participated in the group declaration have determined to strive and grow to meet the name of the Hae Sung group which means ‘achieve like the sea’. 


The core keyword for Hae Sung Group henceforth is Growth.  In 2013, Hankuk Paper has expanding by taking over the factory in Zhangjiagang China, and specifically, Hae Sung Group have taken over the Samsung Techwin Semi-conductor business and established the Hae Sung DS showing great efforts on the recent growth. 

Henceforth, Hae Sung Group will commence the group management system and establishment using each subsidiaries’ capacity and competiveness to create the synergy effect between subsidiaries, improve on the profitability to safely secure the existing business. Meanwhile, Hae Sung will also actively push ahead with their expands on new business fields. 

Hae Sung Group, the name which makes us stronger has been finally established. We will now move forward with our one value system and communications. For a bigger dream, for more hopeful future. The name is Haesung Group.